Waweru   Munyalo   Mary   Tedd Moya


 Benson Muchiri Paul N. Wanga Joanne Wanyenze Rono


1. Emilio Muchora Nderitu

He is an advocate of more than thirty (30) years experience having attained his LL.M. at Columbia University, U.S.A where he specialized in insurance, banking and general commercial law. He has also been exposed to high caliber litigation and is a former dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Nairobi. He is one of the consultants to the firm.

2. Kerubo Okioga

She is a graduate with an LL.M in International Law from the University of Notre Dame, USA and is also a graduate of Marathwada University, India where she attained a Bachelor of Social Legislation degree in 1997 and a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1999. She is a young enterprising advocate having a flair for commercial and public policy work. In addition, she has ably dealt with industrial relation matters, probate and administration and is conversant with litigation in the commercial and contract fields. She also consults for a number of established non-governmental organizations in Kenya.

We offer Pupillage positions to young lawyers to work towards their qualifications. We accept applications from the very best young scholars, and work with them to ensure their academic education is supplemented with an experience of legal practice at a top law firm. Each year we offer pupilage to a maximum of five (5) aspiring lawyers committed to qualifying to work as Kenyan Advocates

Pupilage lasts for two years and is formally divided into three parts, The first part is year one that is spent in the Kenya School of Law from where the pupils join us in January for one year.

The second part is the first six months where, pupils will be assigned a pupil supervisor – a barrister in the same set of chambers or organisation – who the pupil will shadow, and for whom the pupil will undertake supervised work, such as legal research and drafting court documents. The pupil will also accompany the pupil supervisor to court and conferences with clients.

The third part is the second six months, where pupils will be eligible to undertake cases of their own, albeit under supervision, and will begin to build up their own contacts and a client base. Once this time is satisfactorily completed, the pupil will be a fully qualified barrister.

Decisions about tenancy are usually made about ten months into pupillage. Appraisal might be based simply on a pupil supervisor’s assessment of a pupil’s abilities, or the pupil might have to take part in a formal exercise. Some sets of chambers take on every pupil with a view to making them a tenant if they perform well.

Legal assistants perform essential administrative duties for most law offices. These duties may include transcribing reports, filing and organizing, general office duties, customer service, and assisting lawyers and paralegals as needed.

  • Review, verify and process legal instruments and documents and undertaking due diligence to ensure conformity with relevant guidelines and requirements and draft and prepare basic legal documents, briefs and correspondence.
  • Extract key data and monitor requisite follow-up actions and approvals.
  • Where appropriate refer to the Legal Officer a variety of verbal and written inquiries from internal and external parties, including providing information on processes and procedures related to specific legal activities, instruments.
  • Conduct basic research on assigned issues such as Tribunal cases, prepare legal case files and submissions for review by Lawyers.
  • Edit and conduct final checks for accuracy of a variety of specialized legal documentation, instruments, and related correspondence, for final clearance and approval.

We periodically take students on vacation placements and/or on short internships to familiarize themselves with the practice of law in the context of a private law firm. Although the opportunities are limited, we encourage (especially law students) to apply.

We have a Chief Conveyancing Clerk who also assists the firm in liaising with external Accountants & Auditors, Tax Departments to ensure compliance with the relevant laws. They also handle billing of clients and general follow ups on fee notes.

The para-legal team also deals with matters relating to various Court and Government registries.

This department also deals with matters relating to various Court and Government registries. The clerk in the Conveyancing/Commercial Department deals with various land registries throughout the country and also the company’s registry.

The support staff is a professional and experienced dedicated team that has assisted the firm in various ways listed below:-

Professional Receptionists and Personal Assistants deal with the front desk, client care and general secretarial work.

Our support staff also handles the firm’s registry and general filing in addition to dealing with the daily dispatch and postage of the firm’s correspondence with its clients and counterparts. We also have a Government licensed officer who oversees the general security of the firm.